Get to know us

Hey, we’re AMPD! We connect consumers with brands in a way that’s authentic and engaging. We inspire people to touch, see and experience your brand with an immersive and impactful approach.

Our mission & core focus is to tell your story and bring your vision to life! We want your audience to feel inspired & resonate with your brand. Our agency has over 14 years’ experience in creating campaigns that are authentic & memorable.

Why work with us

As a brand engagement agency, we see each client & brand as an opportunity to create and build brand campaigns that are strategic & results driven. Due to our extensive time in the industry, we are meticulous and make it our mission to fuss over the details. Perhaps we are slightly OCD, but this ensures you as our client get the best out of your budget and a mutual trust is created. We are committed to bringing home the results our clients desire. We go over and beyond to ensure & make it our duty to provide a premium offering, remain flexible with budgets, plus provide a fresh injection of creativity that is unique to your brand.

We’re also all about fun! What would be the point of connecting consumers with brands if we didn’t have fun doing it? We take great satisfaction in seeing our client’s faces when they see the results of their customized brand campaign and we always love the journey it takes to get there.