Steri Stumpie 50th Birthday National Roadshow

Experiential Marketing;

CLIENT: Lactalis
LOCATIONS: Western Cape, Gauteng ; Kwazulu Natal; Port Elizabeth


Mass Sampling, Brand Awareness, Consumer Experiences;


Ampd has sampled over 100 000 units of Steri Stumpie since the roadshow began, we are now currently in our 2nd year of touring South Africa.


Ampd was tasked to provide logistic and activation support for the launch of Steri Stumpies 50th birthday celebrations country wide. Together we sourced, branded and retrofitted a vintage vehicle, produced fun, bright and colourful assets for our team (uniforms, branded giveaways, merch, branded items) and created a well considered activation calendar of where we could visit & when. Ampd also produced incredible Mascots for the activations for the client to own and created a custom designed game wall (that was compact and transportable) so we could create a fun; engaging game for consumers to stay and play to win prizes and celebrate with us!